The Sifa AUS-YG3 Ladies Smart Watch is an ultra-thin, elegant smart bracelet watch offering a 1.1” full circle, multi-color high-definition curved screen, that is fully customisable. This watch is feature rich including continuously collecting real-time heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen measurements, allowing you to constantly monitor your physical state of health and understand the body changes. It also has all the usual features expected in today’s smart watches including incoming call, SMS/APP message push, multiple sport modes, sleep monitoring and music playback. The Sifa Ladies Watch can also intelligently predict the female menstrual cycle, safe period/menstrual, period/ovulation, period/pregnancy with reminders. In addition to all these features the Sifa Ladies Watch is IP67 waterproof rating you need in daily life.
  1. Ultra thin body.
  2. Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen & blood Pressure monitoring.
  3. Female Menstrual Cycle monitoring.
  4. IP67 Waterproof rating.


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